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Buffalo Forge Classic Steel doors feature beautiful hand-forged steel doors in three distinctive design series. The Narrow Profile TDL doors offer a sleek and contemporary appearance, and feature real true divided lited design and construction. The Wide Profile TDL doors offer a unique and modern look of simplicity and style. The WI- Series of Wrought Iron grille and steel doors feature operable glass panels that are easy to clean, energy efficient and engineered to provide protection for your home. Buffalo Forge Steel ThermaPlus doors combine the benefits of Steel and Composite into one innovative door product. ThermaPlus composite doors are thermally broken and can be field-trimmed for an exact fit. These doors are available in a wide range of designs: Wrought Iron, SDL, Continental, Contemporary, Solid Panel with Speakeasy, GBG, and Decorative Glass. Solid 2 Panel with many decorative options including speakeasies, straps and clavos; Contemporary with clean minimalist look; and Wrought Iron with elegant European-inspired grille designs.


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The FiberCraft Collection of premium and pro line of fiberglass doors offer the most authentic wood grains that look and feel like real wood, enhanced with beautiful stains that mimic the richness of wood’s natural colors. GlassCraft’s FiberCraft door line is unlike any other in the market with its superior wood-like appearance, sustainable and environmentally friendly finishing process and BioFoam™ core, durable construction including impact options, and patented designs such as GBG, wrought iron and speakeasy doors. Also available are industry-changing Arch Top and Arch Lite Double door options that expand the product line’s design offering.